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Did you know that First Church Monson is home to a local small business?!               

Baker’s Lane Biscotti, LLC, started right here in the beautiful certified kitchen and features variations on 2 specialty Italian cookies—biscotti and pizzelle. 


Family and friends have been enjoying our homemade biscotti and pizzelle for generations, and now you can too!  Our delicious cookies are made in small batches, baked to the perfect texture, without preservatives, just like my grandmother made. 


Whenever you need something that absolutely has to taste homemade, and you don’t have time to make it yourself, think of Baker’s Lane Biscotti—you can plate them up and no one would ever know you didn’t bake them yourself!


In addition, ten percent of all sales go back to First Church Monson.  So you can make a cup of coffee or tea, enjoy a delicious Italian cookie, and support First Church.  Please go to for more on our story and to order!

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