Monson's Town Wide Tag Sale is back!  It will be on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, September 4.  We expect over 100 tag sale sites to attract buyers from Monson and beyond.


Thank you for hosting a tag sale at your home.  The more sites we have registered on the map, the more visitors/customers will come to Monson, so registering helps yourself and your neighbors.  So get your application in as soon as possible.  The deadline for registering is August 26, 2021 by noon.  As always, the Town Wide Tag Sale is rain or shine.

HERE is the link to the site application .


Hundreds of people look forward to this huge sale ever year and purchase the large format 8-1/2 x 11" guidebook with a map and descriptions of all the tag sale sites.  To advertise in this guidebook, please click on the link below which contains all the information you need to place your advertisement in the guidebook.  The deadline for submitting your advertisement and artwork is August 20, 2021 by noon.

HERE is the link to the sponsor application .